Tyre Sampson’s death is still being looked into, but an autopsy has shown that he weighed 97 pounds more than the limit for the ride where he died.

Sampson died in March when he fell hundreds of feet from the Orlando FreeFall drop tower at ICON Park. On film, the 14-year-old can be seen slipping out of the ride’s safety straps and falling to the ground. Sampson weighed 383 pounds and was six feet tall when he died. The most weight that could ride was 286 pounds.

The exam also showed how terrible the injuries were that killed the teenager. Sampson died from blunt force injuries. His face, ribs, skull, and legs were broken in many places. He also got cuts on his face, stomach, arms, feet, and hands.

“No one could have survived this avoidable fall from more than 100 feet up at that speed,” said Michael Haggard, an attorney for Nekia Dodd, Sampson’s mom. “It is clear that the person was careless in this case.”

In April, the Sampson family sued ICON Park, the Slingshot Group, and Funtime Handels, which made FreeFall. The complaint was 65 pages long. The suit also named Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, which made the seats and straps for the ride. The ride, according to the family, was “unreasonably dangerous.”

Credit and Source: balleralert.com

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