On her “College Hill” altercation with model Amber Rose, Joseline Hernandez has finally spoken out.

The Breakfast Club interviewed the rapper and influencer, and she opened up about what actually transpired. The “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” star allegedly objected to Rose’s refusal to embrace her blackness despite being mixed. Despite being a Puerto Rican native, Hernandez considers herself a Black lady. She said she is really happy to be a Black woman because she comes from a long line of Black ladies on her home island.

“You emerged from a Black piss, but you don’t want to identify as Black. That seems strange to me,” Hernandez said. “Up until I realized that she was a Karen when I got there, I always thought she considered herself Black.”

In this season’s “College Hill: Celebrity Edition,” Hernandez and Rose both played students at Alabama State University. To the dismay of the viewers, BET and ASU opted not to air the nasty classroom brawl that broke out as a result of the women’s fast headbutting on the show. Hernandez, who claimed to have been a jokester in high school, acknowledged that at first, she was acting like the “class clown,” but things quickly got out of hand.

DJ Envy inquired about Big Lex in another section of the chat, to which Hernandez promptly replied, “Don’t know that h**.” Following their brawl during the Floyd Mayweather bout in Miami earlier this month, Hernandez was sentenced to prison. Hernandez revealed that she was selling goods with her mugshot on it, creating a positive out of her most recent tragedies, even if the case is still pending and she was unable to speak much about it.

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