Many people have trouble with acne on their bodies. 9.4% of the people in the world have acne, according to research. People often have them, but the way they look can make some people feel bad about themselves.


Viral Strange has come up with 10 tips for getting rid of body acne. Don’t worry!

Don’t let the sweat on your face dry out. Take a bath!

When you work out and keep up with your body’s regular health practice, you sweat more. Try not to let it dry on your skin, and take a shower as soon as possible after your workout.


Scrubs that remove dead skin should be part of your beauty practice. It can remove dead skin cells and clean your face of sweat, dirt, and anything else that clogs your pores.

Wear clothes that let air in.

Some fabrics and clothes that are too tight might make your skin feel bad. Try to wear clothes that let air in so you can feel better and avoid skin problems.

Get out of your hair!

Long hair can add dirt to your back. If you don’t want painful acne to show up on your back, try to keep it on the side.

Carefully choose the products you use on your face.

Be careful with the products you use on your face. Look at the ingredients and choose items that are made for acne-prone skin. Products that contain salicyclic acid, tea tree oil, or white willow bark can help get rid of acne.

Stay hydrated!
body acne

Remember that moist skin is good skin! Drink more water because it helps your immune system work better, which gets rid of acne-causing germs.

Add foods that fight inflammation and free radicals to your diet.

Adding foods that lower inflammation to your diet makes acne less noticeable. Berries, whole grains, beans, some nuts, and a long list of other foods can help with this.

Don’t pick at the pimples!

Try not to touch the zits or pop them. It can cause scars or even get infected. If it itches too much, you should go to a doctor and get a spray to help it heal faster.

Use non-comedogenic SPF.

The sun gives us vitamin D. But we have to use SPF to keep UV light from hurting our skin. Use non-comedogenic SPF, which doesn’t clog the pores, if you have acne-prone skin.

Eat foods with zinc and a low glycemic index.

Research shows that eating things high in zinc can make acne less painful. It also keeps the skin layer in good shape. There is a lot of zinc in spinach, oysters, pumpkin seeds, and wheat germ. Also, foods with a low glycemic index (GI), like vegetables and fruits, can help clear up acne.

Have you got spots? How do you keep them healthy? Tell us more about your daily life in the area below for comments.

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