Do you still remember the bride whose wedding dress cost only $47? Yes, Kiara and Joel Brokenbrough became famous when they showed off their wedding, which only cost $500. Now, they’ve talked about what they did to keep their wedding costs under control.

Her wedding dress from Shein, which she said only cost her $47, was one of the best parts.

Bride Wears $47 Dress To Her Amazing $500 Wedding

Kiara, who also likes to blog, talks about how she went looking for a dress and even went to the big names to see what she could find.

But when she got back home, the bride said she didn’t want to spend so much money on a dress she was only going to wear for a few hours. She has also been looking at online places for a dress because she has always tried to keep costs down.

Aside from the beautiful pattern, her main goal was for them to be long enough to touch the ground.

Bride Wears $47 Dress To Her Amazing $500 Wedding

Not only had she done it, but so had the husband. The suit Joel wore was from Boohoo Man.

We can’t deny how good they looked in the end because of it.

Bride Wears $47 Dress To Her Amazing $500 Wedding

The couple had just gotten engaged two months before their highway wedding. They started dating in 2018.

They have also made their own letterman’s jackets because the price was too high.

Bride Wears $47 Dress To Her Amazing $500 Wedding

She had her bachelorette and wedding showers at the homes of her family members because they were all close. And in the end, they decided to get married on a road with a beautiful view. She also said, “Many people gave us gifts. My godmother gave us flowers, my sister gave us a runner, and my godsister gave us a cake.”

Kiara told me what she thought: “You get married in front of witnesses and make a promise to your partner and to God that you’ll stay together for life.

Bride Wears $47 Dress To Her Amazing $500 Wedding

“Then you party by eating, drinking, and dancing. “Yes, that’s what we did.”

One of the most important ways to save money was to tell the guests they would have to pay for their own food. Some people think this is a pretty controversial idea, but Kiara said that her friends and family were all on board with it. For the party, they went to Misty’s Lounge.

Even though it wasn’t her “dream wedding,” you can tell how happy they are by looking at their smiles.

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