A pair of tiny hot pants for guys has become a big deal, and people are making fun of the look.

The Chinese fast fashion giant Shein sells the Manfinity Fever City Men Cotton Raw Trim Denim Shorts for just £10.49.

But if Twitter users are to be believed, showing them off in public could hurt your ego in the long run.

Shein has been mocked online by UK fans for selling a £10.49 very small pair of jeans shorts for men that shoes a whole lotta leg

The tiny shorts come in a medium wash and a light wash. On the male model, they barely cover the crotch, letting the whole leg take the stage.

But shoppers weren’t pleased. Some of them pointed out that the tiny piece of clothing shows a lot of leg.

The thighs of the shorts are torn in different places to make them look old. The short hem starts at the bottom of the hip and goes up very high on the thigh, making the legs look very long.

The shorts are described as having a “ultra low waist,” which makes them look even more exposed.

And buyers seemed to like them, giving them a score of 4.82 out of five.

But when people saw the couple on social media, they said mean things about them.

While the shorts enjoy a 4.82 out of five rating on Shein's website, elsewhere, it has not been as hit with consumers

Many people didn’t like how short and high up on the model’s legs that the hotpants were.

One person said, “Yeah, that’s not going to work for me.”

Someone else said they were “disgusting,” and someone else joked that they were “Daisy Dudes” instead of Daisy Dukes.

Others said that it would be risky to wear the shorts, and one said that their manhood would definitely come out at the side.

Someone else said, “That’s a big HELL NO!”

“Oh, I’m going to have nightmares,” said another watcher.

‘No. Just no,’ said someone else.

Someone else made a joke: “Be sure to tape those redneck speedos with duct tape before you put them on.”

“I wouldn’t be able to go outside,” said someone else.

Someone else said they have a “built-in camel toe,” and someone else called it a “denim swim suit bottom.”

One person made a joke: “I wish my legs looked like that.”

“Hot boy summer is coming,” said someone else.

Someone else said, “Too high to hug the thigh.”

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