A 76-year-old woman is modeling a figure-hugging swimsuit as a response to people who told her to “dress her age.”

No one can avoid getting older, and even though there are things that can be done to slow or hide the process, it will happen anyway.

No one should be judged for it, but Candace Leslie Cima has been judged because she shares her life on the app TikTok.

Candace’s account is called @lifeinmy70s, and her bio says, “Aging is Changing. Exercise, Style, and Living at 76.”

Candace is one of the most stylish 76-year-olds out there, and her 96,000 fans love her videos where she shows off her style.

A few haters get on her videos and say mean things, like that Candance should “dress her age” (whatever that means).

Last year, Candace shared a defiant clip with a message that said, “You’re 60, you shouldn’t wear that.”

“Fashion is for everyone!” said the comment. You don’t have to change who you are to reinvent yourself as you get older. You just have to find things that fit with who you are now.

Candace twirled for the camera while wearing a white sleeveless top and light blue pants. As she walked away, a text said, “I’m actually 75.”

People loved this comeback. One person wrote, “She killed it, and she knows it,” and another said, “I’m shocked, you look amazing!”

Even though she was being rude, the trolls didn’t seem to get the message, so the 76-year-old shared a video of herself in a black swimsuit that hugged her body, and that was enough to shut them up.

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As Candace poses for the camera, it’s hard to argue that she doesn’t look amazing. Anyone who says otherwise is just jealous.

The TikToker wrote “Mini Key Largo Vlog” over her video, and the comment said, “I have been loving the sunshine here!”

I’m pretty sure the sun loves Candace too, because it looked like she had a great time on vacation and probably got a lot of attention.

One person said it very well: “You are the definition of aging gracefully, you are such an inspiration!”

I have no idea what the internet trolls are talking about, because if I look as good as Candace when I’m 76, I’ll be very happy.

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