Dani and Tbell have been together for five years, even though they are very different sizes. Even though they inspired their TikTok audience, a few doubters bet that they would eventually break up.

curvy woman

Even though people keep asking him why he’s with a plus-size woman, Tbell isn’t bothered by it.

He asked, “Are you still with the big girl?” in a video. In answer, Tbell and Dani showed how much they love each other with a happy dance and the caption “Till I die.”

The couple seems stronger than ever, and Dani recently gave powerful advice to women about weight and dating by saying, “If your man has a problem with your body, lose weight; how much does he weigh again?” She also said, “Yes, lose that dead weight, sister. You deserve to be loved no matter what.”

curvy woman

Dani’s powerful message hit women hard when she told them to love and enjoy their bodies in every way. Many people liked the video, and Dani’s encouraging words about loving yourself were praised by a lot of them.

Someone even wrote, “You got me with this one, thank you, and I am so happy for you guys.” Someone else said, “Thank you, I really needed this.” A third person wrote, “This made me smile so muchhh.”

Even though some people didn’t like them, the couple laughed, danced, and shared a funny TikTok video to show that they didn’t care about the comments that questioned how long the man would stay with Dani.

curvy woman

“When they thought he wouldn’t last a week with the fat girl, and it’s been five years,” says the text on the video.

Dani boldly said, “Look at us now,” with a smirk of victory, as she hugged her partner.

curvy woman

Tbell and his girlfriend Dani show that love has nothing to do with how people look. Even though they are in a relationship with people of different sizes, they are proud of their love and push others to do the same.

curvy woman

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