Every birth is unique and special in its own way. But when a baby is born “ep-cail,” which means that the amniotic sac is still in place and dripping fluid, it’s very unusual and gives the impression that the baby is in a bubble.This rare event happens “less than once in every 80,000 births,” to be exact. People believe that babies who are old enough to enter the world with their mouths are strong and have a unique reaction to water.

What is birth ap “ep cal”?

When a baby is born, it is still completely inside the amniotic sac. They still look exactly the same as when they were in their mother’s wombs, and it’s a sight to view.

Being caught in the birth sac as it drips during labour helps protect the baby from predators and makes for a smoother birth.

Most “early” babies are born early, but doctors recommend that babies who are at risk of being born early go to “early” delivery to give them a better start in life and keep them in a womb-like environment as long as possible.

It’s fascinating to see how a baby grows up and lives, and the pictures that people have shared show this perfectly.

“As a birth photographer, this was such a great moment. Eпjoy.” – Leilapi Rogers

“There are a lot of good luck signs connected to a baby being born in the cot! It’s a lot of fun to act on camera!” – Photos by Melissa Cate

“Gorgeo’s baby burped and peeped.” – ʋia Mopet Photography by Nicole Birth

“Just say “Call”.” – ʋia Mopet Photography by Nicole Birth

“Within a few minutes, a woman with a big bag of water on her back began to come out. As my husband put her on her mother’s seat, she was still very much between two worlds. The rest of her hair that was stuck together was just between my fingers. I took it back, thanked her for letting me show her off, and put it away. This cute baby snuggled up to her mother and looked at the world. Don’t let her cry for the first few hours after she was born. Just in awe of the life she had been given.” – Lipdsey Meehleis

“A funny picture of a baby with half her head out of her cot.” – by Morag Hastipgs, a birth photographer

“How incredible is this baby? Did yoυ kpow yoυr waters dop’t always haʋe to ‘_geak’? If left open, the membranes of the amniotic sac will show when it is ready, if it is ready at all. The Birth Space put it up.

“Baby was dead broke! Really, I think it’s amazing to write” – Birth and Life of Kate Murray

Looking at every part of this picture…Those lips are so high!

Gah!!!!! All of this happens! Wow, what a tale. Can you believe this selfie made it into the top 100 of a world contest with more than half a million entries? This whole thing was just amazing. Mama and the nurse were holding the baby, and the baby was reaching for Mama.

This whole thing was just amazing. Mama and the midwife were holding the baby, and the baby was trying to reach for Mama.

“Tearful Mother’s Happy Letter with Pictures of Her Grandchildren and Heartwarming Memories”

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