A man has been charged with trying to kill a two-year-old child by jumping in front of a train while carrying the child on his back in Scotland.

Frederick Danquah, who is 26 years old, didn’t say anything in court about the charge, which is related to something that happened last weekend at Garrowhill Station in Glasgow.

On July 2, just before 7:30 p.m., police were called to the tracks because two people were hurt.

Danquah, who lives in Coatbridge, South Lanarkshire, and the child were both taken to the hospital because they were hurt. The child got to go home from the hospital earlier this week.

After Danquah got out of the hospital on Thursday, he was charged with trying to kill someone. After his court appearance at Glasgow Sheriff Court, he was sent back to jail.

According to court documents, Danquah put the boy on his shoulders and then jumped in front of a moving passenger train.

There are also claims that Danquah and the boy were hit by the train.

It is said that the impact sent the couple under the train and onto the tracks.

The alleged attack is said to have left the child with serious injuries, put his life in danger, and tried to kill him.

After he went to the Glasgow Sheriff Court, Danquah was taken back into prison for further investigation.

In eight days, he will have to go back to court.

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