A single mother was devastated to find out that her new boyfriend had asked her to give up her 3-year-old daughter for adoption because he “didn’t want to raise another man’s child.”

The 28-year-old woman said she met the “man of her dreams” ten months ago, and her 3-year-old daughter liked him.

But soon after they started dating seriously, the “dream man” told her she was “broken” and didn’t want to deal with the child she had “out of wedlock,” so he asked her to give the child up for adoption.

The heartbroken mother wrote on Reddit that she couldn’t imagine giving up her daughter, but that she hoped to convince her partner to take the child.

An anonymous woman revealed how her 'dream man' asked her to give up her three-year-old daughter for adoption (stock picture)

But many people told her she should raise her standards and leave the man, calling him “sociopathic.”

The woman, who did not give her name, said that her partner was everything she wanted in a man, including being safe financially and dependable.

But her plans to settle down with him fell apart when he suddenly stopped talking to her and she had to sit down and talk to him.

She said the partner told her he loved her but didn’t want to “commit and start a life with someone who is broken.”

The woman said she felt in 'emotional shock' over her partner's demand, and added that her child had done nothing wrong

The man went on to say that he couldn’t get over the fact that she had a child with a man who wasn’t her husband.

He told her that he didn’t think he ‘deserved to deal with’ the mess and that she should leave her child with her sister or another family member so she could still see her sometimes, but not every day.

The woman also said that her boyfriend told her he would be ready to settle down with her and commit to their relationship if she didn’t have a child.

The woman’s story got a lot of attention online, and many people told her she shouldn’t stay with her’sociopathic’ partner.

One person asked, “He said he wanted you to give your child away, but you’re still trying to make it work?”

“You’re not going to glue that broken vase back together after it’s been steamrolled,” someone else said.

One person wrote, “This guy sounds almost sociopathic. To be able to ask a mom to throw her kid out the window with a straight face is f***ed.”

“THE BAR IS IN HELL,” said someone else.

“I found the love of my life. Great at talking to people, very attractive, etc. “If he had asked me to get rid of my child, he would have been out of there so fast that a cloud of dust would have formed the shape of his body,” said one.

The woman's story spawned a lot of reaction online, with many people telling her she should not stay with the 'sociopathic' partner

She also said, “I feel like I’m in emotional shock right now, like someone I really cared about died.”

The woman also said that her daughter hadn’t done anything wrong and that she wouldn’t give her up. However, she did say that she hoped the man would change his mind and that she could convince him to accept her daughter into his life.

“The fact that she’s still with him after that says a lot about how bad things are,” says the speaker. One person said, “OP, you really need to raise your standards.”

“If a guy told me to get rid of my dog, I’d throw him into the sun, let alone a child,” said someone else.

“Why didn’t she break up with him as soon as she realized he was serious?” “What the f***?” asked someone else. “These kinds of posts remind me how lucky I am to have found my fiancĂ©.”

“If I were in this situation and the mother gave up her child for me to adopt, she would be my ex-wife right away.” One person wrote, “The child is always more important, and people who think otherwise really stink as people.”

Now, he showed who he really was. He is a good speaker because he just told you that he is a piece of trash. Listen to what he has to say, agree with what he says, and thank him for telling you. Then tell him to leave your house and never talk to you again.

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