Los Angeles, CA — Brian McKnight, a well-known R&B singer and songwriter who is 54 years old, recently made a heartwarming news about a new family member. Even though it was a happy event, McKnight was brave to stop fans from leaving negative and unjustified criticism in the comments section.

McKnight, who is best known for hits like “Back at One” and “Anytime,” used social media to tell people about the birth of his kid. The Grammy-nominated artist, who has been married before and has two grown children, expressed his happiness and gratitude for the new family member.

Even though most of the people who liked McKnight wrote well wishes and congrats in the comments section, a small number of people on the Internet were quick to be negative and judge and criticize his personal life choices. Since the singer had been watched by the public before, he chose to keep his happiness and his new family’s life private.

In a first-of-its-kind move, McKnight stopped fans from making negative comments in the comment part. He did this to make sure that only positive and encouraging comments would be seen. By doing this, he sent a strong message about how important it is to follow boundaries and keep a good environment online.

The 54-year-old artist said this about his decision: “My family and I deserve to enjoy this beautiful trip without criticism that isn’t fair. I hope that my fans will keep spreading love and good vibes.”


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His fans reacted to McKnight’s choice in different ways. Some people liked what he did and praised him for taking charge of his social media, but others didn’t like that they couldn’t say what they thought easily.

But most of McKnight’s supporters respected his limits and let him know they agreed with his choice. Fans from all over the world sent words of congratulations and love, stressing how much they wanted to celebrate the happy event and keep the artist and his new family’s privacy.

Brian McKnight has been making music for more than 30 years, and in that time he has become a recognized and loved figure in the music business. The singer’s latest record, “Exodus,” came out in 2020, and his melodies and lyrics continue to draw people in with their depth and emotion.

As McKnight starts to enjoy being a dad again, he continues to put the happiness of his new family first. By taking control of his social media accounts, he is not only protecting his privacy, but also showing how important it is to build a friendly and polite online community.

Fans are excited to see what McKnight does next in the music business, and they send their best wishes and unwavering support to the singer and his new family on this happy occasion.

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