When Taylor Swift’s Eras tour stopped in Kansas City, Missouri, on Friday night, it was like a meeting of the Taylors.

Taylor Lautner, 31, and his wife Taylor (Dome) Lautner, 26, went to the show and then met the Bejeweled singer, 33, backstage.

Taylor Squared: It was a meeting of Taylors on Friday night as Taylor Swift 's Eras tour hit Kansas City, Missouri

Taylor Squared brought back the popular Spiderman meme from the animated series from 1967, in which two Spider-Man characters look at each other and say that they are the “real” Spider-Man.

The three Taylors are standing in a triangle and looking at each other in the picture.

The Twilight actor put the picture on his official Instagram and wrote, “Secret’s out! It was crazy tonight.’

But that wasn’t the only time Swift and Lautner got together.

Spider-Man: Taylor Squared recreated the viral Spiderman meme from the 1967 animated series where two Spider-Man characters point at each other as they both claim to be the 'real' Spider-Man

During the show, the singer for Anti-Hero invited him on stage with Presley Cash, Taylor Swift, Joey King, and Taylor Lautner to show off the music video for “I Can See You.”

The song is one of six from her back catalog that are on her new record Speak Now (Taylor’s version), which just came out.

The music video for the new song features Cash, King, and Lautner.

After meeting “on the set of the movie Valentine’s Day in 2009, Swift and” Lautner dated for a few months. In the movie, they played two teenagers who fell in love.

Wild: The photo shows the three Taylors standing in a triangle pointing at each other. The Twilight actor shared the photo to his official Instagram and captioned it: 'Secret's out! Tonight was wild'

Many people think that the song “Back to December” from the album “Speak Now” is about the star of “The Adventures of Shark Girl and Lava Boy.”

Back to December isn’t about one of her famous ex-boyfriends like many of her other songs are. Instead, Swift is sorry to Lautner for how things ended.

Speak Now: The Anti-Hero singer welcomed him on stage during the show alongside Presley Cash, Taylor Swift, Joey King and Lautner to debut the music video for I Can See You

“He liked her more than she liked him,” she said. A source told “Us Weekly that he went everywhere he could to see her, but she didn’t go far to see him”. Their relationship didn’t last long.

“It was never a big deal to begin with,” said another person “to People. The media blew it way out of” proportion. After a few dates, they understood that this wasn’t going anywhere.

“They became good friends and went out a few times, but he lives in L.A. and she lives in Nashville, and their busy lives kept it from going further.”

When Lautner walked on stage, he did a backflip, which made the crowd cheer loudly.

Video stars: Joey King commented on Lautner's post, writing, 'This makes me wanna cry. It really was the best night ever'

His ex-girlfriend hugged him right away, which got more cheers from the crowd.

Backflip: When Lautner walked onto the stage, he did a backflips, prompting the audience to roar with approval

Lautner said during his speech, “By the way, I didn’t plan the flip. It just made sense.’

He thanked the crowd “for the energy” and said, “This video was so much fun to make.” Thank you for having me and all of us, Taylor.

On stage: Swift welcomed Lautner on stage during the show alongside Presley Cash, Taylor Swift, Joey King and Lautner to debut the music video for I Can See You

Lautner said, “I just want to say one thing quickly: I respect you so much, not because of the singer, songwriter, or performer you are, but because of the person you are.”

Old friends: Lautner and Swift dated in 2009 after meeting on the shoot for Valentine's Day, in which they played high school sweethearts.

“You are polite, modest, and kind, and it’s a privilege to know you. So thank you for letting me be a part of this and for being in my life,” he said.

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