Ice Cube’s BIG3 just made some big moves.

Boardroom reports are a big win for Ice Cube. ByBlack and US Black Chambers, Inc. have said that BIG3 is the first major sports league that is owned and run by Black people.

On the win, Ice Cube said, “It’s an honor for me and the whole league to be publicly recognized by ByBlack and the US Black Chambers. Since the beginning, “the league has been committed to giving Black players, fans, investors, and partners chances, and we are proud to be part of a nationwide network of Black business owners. Supporting Black business has been a lifelong passion of mine, and” Ice Cube said in a news release that “the BIG3 will continue to build on its successes and help other Black business owners.

Big3 is” making it easier to own: As AfroTech has already said, Ice Cube and entertainment producer Jeff Kwatinetz came up with the idea for the 3-on-3 league in 2017.

BIG3 added blockchain technology to the sport to make the experience between fans and their favorite players better.

Fans can now invest in the 12 teams in the league using non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Bigger Picture: Because of these things, ByBlack noticed BIG3’s efforts to make ownership more accessible. This fits with their goal to solve “generational problems of the Black economic agenda” by giving people opportunities.

“”The BIG3 basketball league becoming an approved ByBlack business has energized USBC. This is the first step of what we think will be a successful partnership, with Ice Cube’s promise to help other Black-owned companies get ByBlack certified”. In a press release, Ron Busby Sr., CEO and President of USBC, said, “We applaud Ice Cube for being a leader in this initiative. We hope to continue this partnership by working with Ice Cube, BIG3, and other Black-owned businesses in the sports and entertainment industries.”

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