Most of the time, we can point the finger at them and be sure that they are the worst people in the society where we live.

When we think of people who are in jail, we know that their main goal is to get out whenever they can, and that no one will pass up such a chance.

But the story that comes next will show us just the opposite!

On an empty Arizona road, a bus with 50 people in jail crashed into a big truck. You’d say this is the best time for them to run away, but they haven’t even thought about it.

Here’s what the detainees who were involved in the accident did: instead of running away as soon as possible, they stayed at the spot and started helping the injured.

There were many deaths.

After the accident, the bus driver and more than 20 inmates were badly hurt, and two of them had to go to the hospital for treatment.

After hearing this story, I started to think that there are still real people out there.

In fact, it is important to realize that, no matter what he is in jail for, he is still a person with feelings, emotions, and a sense of kindness.

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