A 4-year-old who went viral online when he said he wanted to be Mexican has gotten some of what he wanted.

In a video that has gone viral, Zavion is seen throwing a fit and telling his mother that he wants to be Mexican because he likes to eat quesadillas. After a while, the Mexico national soccer team found the boy and gave him his favorite quesadillas and an El Tri shirt.

Zavion’s mother, Belaynesh Gebre, posted another video that showed how her son talked to the soccer team players. In the video, you can see Zavion wearing the shirt, talking to the players, and eating a quesadilla. He seems to have been able to go to a soccer game and even take pictures with excited fans.

Gebre first made the video that went viral, which showed him sitting in his car seat and crying because he wanted to be Mexican. When his mother asked him how he felt, he told her that he was sad because he wanted to be Mexican.

“You come from Ethiopia. Gebre told Zavion, “You’re from Africa and you’re black.” When she asked him why he wanted to be Mexican, Zavion yelled, “Because I eat quesadillas!”

Gebre then asked, “So you don’t want to be from Africa anymore?” The clear answer from Zavion was “No.”

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