Semie Atadja is from New Jersey. Because she is dating a guy 36 years older than her, people call her a gold digger. But she is proud of being a sugar baby and says that the fact that Claudio Spilatro is 60 years older than her doesn’t bother her. Their relationship grew on Seeking Arrangements, a site for successful people looking for unique ties.

She doesn’t care that people call her hurtful names like “gold digger” or that they say she only wants her partner for money.

Semie Atadja said, “We use each other,” and meant it, in a recent episode of the YouTube show “Love Don’t Judge.” She said that her rich partner likes how young and active she is, while she likes the benefits of his wealth.

The person who made TikTok then showed off her expensive closet, which was full of Birkin bags, Chanel handbags, Gucci shades and Cartier trinkets.

“Of course, we are all looking for money. “No one is digging for rocks out there,” the 24-year-old said.


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She also said, “If I’m going to dig for something, it won’t be dirt; it’ll be gold.”

Spilatro shared his thoughts on the subject and said that he enjoyed taking Semie Atadja shopping at high-end shops.

He also talked about the trips they had taken together and said that Semie was younger than his children. He said on Seeking Arrangements that they met when she was only 18. This surprised his children, who are almost ten years older than Semie.

In ‘Love Don’t Judge,’ the silver fox said that she had two children who were 33 and 34 years old. Even though Spilatrio’s girls were nervous at first to meet his new partner, they have grown to like her and have come to terms with the unusual relationship.

She says in a sweet way that she loves spending time with their kids and calls them “my grandkids.”

Their six-year relationship is full of happiness and has stood up to criticism. Surprisingly, both of them think about getting married.

“In age gap relationships, there will always be people who judge,” Semie Atadja said. “But don’t apologise for being yourself, and show them why they’re wrong.”

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