Toya Johnson has been the subject of reality shows on BET, MTV, VH1, and WE-TV for almost a decade.

Reginae Carter is the daughter of Lil Wayne’s ex-wife. She now works with Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and T.I.

Since Toya and Tiny had their own BET reality show, their get-together isn’t as big as it could have been.

Toya will be in a longer version of “T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle.”

Tiny’s friends from Destiny’s Child, Tonya, Monica, and LeToya Lukett, are now regulars on VH1. This approach of “spreading the wealth” makes T.I. and Tiny feel better and makes the show more like “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” which has many weekly plots.

The show airs on VH1 on Monday nights at 9 p.m.

Toya talked about how her life has changed since they met in an interview. Getting a new member. Work is what most people do these days. We try to get the women together as often as possible, but they all have busy lives.

The season three ending of “Monday” was recorded in November, before the coronavirus pandemic.

Toya likes it better than “Love and Hip Hop” on VH1, which she thinks is too corny.

Her conclusion was, “It sounds pretty good.” It tells the truth about your life. This season at work was the trial for the killings of my brothers. In 2016, two of her brothers were killed in New Orleans. The person who did it was given a life term.

Toya goes to New Orleans to see her father on trial and tries to make up with him.

Robert “Red” Rushing is her second boyfriend. He is a sports manager and a consignment clothing dealer. They just had a girl, and in 2018 they bought a house.

Third wedding for Toya? Not unthinkable. People thought that her second marriage, to musician Mikey Wright (aka “Memphitz”), was rocky. WE’s “Marriage Boot Camp” didn’t work to make things better.

Toya wants a third marriage after being married twice. In the end, she said, “Third time’s a charm.” Keep trying to find love. Don’t change it. Don’t make today bad by bringing up problems from yesterday.

In 2016, Red and Toya met through a mutual friend. After her brothers died and she began moving alone, Red helped her.

Since they became a family when they had a baby, they’ve learned to deal with pandemics. Toya told me, “We cook, watch movies, play games, and spend time together as a family.” “You learn to enjoy the simple things in life. Now I put on my own lip gloss, do my own hair, and cook for myself.

Even though Red didn’t want to be in the spotlight, she made him film some scenes.

Reginae is now living on her own. Toya is her mom. After breaking up with rapper YFN Lucci, she is getting used to being on her own. Both mom and daughter do networking in the music business in the same way.

Toya says of her, “She’s growing up.” Fans of Reginae’s 2015 show “My Super Sweet 16” will know what this is.It was the first home she bought on her own. She is to blame. She’s never been alone much, so she’s concentrating on acting.

Reginae answered the phone quickly and told the caller that her mother lives 30 minutes from where she now lives.

Reginae said that this year’s “shows me in a different light.” She wasn’t the nicest person on WE-TV’s “Growing up Hip Hop Atlanta.”

She said, in response to his question, “That show didn’t help me at all.”

Reginae spends a lot of time on TikTok doing talks and plays to get better at comedy.

Reginae was excited: “I’m learning how to cook spaghetti, lamb chops, steak, tacos, and burgers.” “Right now,” he said, “I’m making my house clean.”

It would be good for her to spend more time with her mother.

“We talk all the time,” she said.


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