In the last few years, Wendy Williams’ fans have been on a wild roller ride.

Since she got divorced, the talk show host’s health has gone down very quickly. It caused her show to be taken off the air. Since then, Williams has been in and out of the public eye, having strange and worrying interactions with fans and reporters.

Some people were still holding out hope that she would get better and come back to TV, but now her son is hinting at the worst that could happen. Wendy Williams has had health problems for a long time. She was reportedly stuck in bed with her only child Kevin Jr. while she was pregnant with him because she had already lost several babies. She told the public later in life about how she had to deal with Graves disease and lymphedema. Together with her use of covid-19 and drugs, these things sent her down a terrible path in 2021.

Williams has never really gotten better, and her mental health problems led to her being put under the care of a guardian. Williams has said in public that it was unfair that her money was stopped and that she was being used.

Kevin Jr. was named right away as one of the bad guys. He was said to have used up his mother’s credit cards and racked up thousands of dollars in debt on a house they rented in Miami for him to stay in while he went to college in Florida. In his first talk with the public, Kevin spoke out. He told The Sun that his mother’s handlers are draining her of money.

Kevin Jr. told the news source, “I know there are a lot of things going on that she would never agree to if she were thinking straight.” “As hard as it is to see her being used, I know that the most important thing is to make sure she is okay as a person.” Kevin Jr. says that his mom’s public relations person has been pushing her to keep working and letting her drink, which can kill her because her body doesn’t get rid of alcohol like most people’s does.

Fans in the comments found it hard to care, and they remembered all the times Wendy had brought other people’s problems into the media. “Oh, this is so sad! One person joked, “She knows why she’s being punished, but she had a good reason for everything.”

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