Chris Brown has been living his dream as an artist since he was young. Now that he’s 34, he’s taking a moment to think about how his business mind has changed over the years. In a recent episode of the “Club Shay Shay” podcast, hosted by Shannon Sharpe, Brown said that having a strong team around him, both emotionally and professionally, is a big part of his success.

“I’ve been able to have a great team, you know,” Brown said. “I’ve had my ups and downs, and I’ve failed financially a lot in the past, but now it’s all about making things that make things that will be here for everyone. It doesn’t have to be called something related to my name or brand. I just want to leave something for my family other than music… I would rather be wealthy than rich.”

Since he first showed up on the music scene when he was young, Brown has been making smart business moves. In an interview in 2015, he said that he owned 14 Burger King stores and had bought his mother a $1 million home when he first started out in the business.

Now that Brown has three kids, he thinks that some of the business choices he made when he was younger will help them in the long run. At 29, he was the youngest artist in history to own his masters, and he has no plans to give them up because he sees them as a gift for his family.

He said, “I don’t think I would sell them,” when asked if he would sell his stock. “I might rent them out and do other things with them later,” he said with a laugh, “but I don’t think I would. As a Black artist, I feel like that’s what we’ve wanted for a long time: to be able to get our masters.”

Chris Brown’s net worth is thought to be around $50 million, and it’s clear that his early business smarts are still paying off as he works to give his family a good future.




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