Every day, the fight between Blueface and Chrisean Rock wears them down more. But their story has taken a troubling turn that may mean someone needs to step in.

Blueface said again over the weekend that his child’s mother was unfit because she didn’t get their son Chrisean Jr. surgery for a hernia. In a now-deleted Twitter rage, Blue said that Rock was ignoring their son’s health problems. He went even further by tweeting a picture of the baby’s private parts, presumably to show his fans that the kid has a big hernia. Before it was taken down, the picture caused a lot of shock on social media. But Blue stuck to his choice to share the picture. Rock had a full meltdown on Instagram Live after seeing him do something disgusting.

The reality star from the Zeus Network cried online and asked Blue why they would post such a private picture of their child. She denied, though, that she was trying to avoid having the baby’s surgery. Rock instead said she had been to all of his doctor’s visits. She also said that she wasn’t dealing with postpartum sadness, which she said doesn’t exist.

“He doesn’t deserve that.” Bro, there’s no such thing as postpartum. I’m lucky, bro. Get rid of the postpartum. “N***a, I’m hurt that his dad went and showed off his penis like that, bro,” she wrote on Instagram. Afterward, she said that Blueface only posted the picture to be mean because she wouldn’t change their son’s name or name it after him.

Blueface got rid of all the mean tweets by saying that someone had hacked into his Twitter account. But this doesn’t seem to be true since his boss, Wack 100, also scolded her for not getting the baby medical help for his illness. It was said by Rock that she will report Blueface for sharing the picture.

For the sake of the child, let’s hope these two can work things out.

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