Huge agency Another source said that CAA started preliminary talks with major studios and streamers two weeks ago, telling the players to be ready to bid on a project that the icon has been working on for years. The project would include parts of her most successful live shows in 2023, parts of her long-awaited visual album “Renaissance,” and a documentary-style account of making the album and building out the tour (with Blue Ivy Carter making cameos, of course). People who follow the business think that the Renaissance World Tour will sell close to $560 million worth of tickets by the end.A spokesperson for AMC Theatres did not answer any of the several requests for feedback. CAA didn’t say anything about it. No one from Beyonce’s team could be reached for comment.

The deal with Beyoncé comes after one that Taylor Swift made for a simple live movie based on her very popular Eras Tour. Reports say the terms are very good for Swift, who paid for the project himself and will get more than half of the box sales. A source said that Beyoncé will get the same deal and will get more than half of the foreign profits. The business world is keeping an eye on Swift’s AMC project, which is set to open in October and cost more than $100 million.

This artist-direct dealmaking by AMC cuts out the studios, which have been the company’s longtime partners. This could have major effects on the future of the movie theatre business.

Conditions can change at any time when it comes to Beyoncé, and her whole process is shrouded in secret. A person who knew about the movie shoot for the album said that her work on a large collection of music videos was finished almost a year ago, in November 2022. The Beyhive, her group of fans, and disco trap fans all over the world are confused that she hasn’t shared the visuals that go with her Grammy-winning album, which came out in July 2022.

Netflix signed the singer to a multi-picture deal when they bought her amazing Coachella live film “Homecoming” in 2019. This makes the deal more interesting and a little confusing. Who knows what duties she has to the streamer, but one thing is for sure: no one is telling Beyonce what to do.

Above the Line noted in August that director Nadia Lee Cohen had shot this movie in a kind of secret. There was a lot of talk on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday that AMC Theatres CEO Adam Aron had followed Beyonce on the site, which led to more rumours.

We can not wait to see what Beyoncé is making!

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