When it comes to love stories, young and beautiful people usually play the lead roles. This is true on the big screen, in relationship novels, and online, where we can all get hooked on the newest celebrity couples.

But an older couple inspired a woman to show what love and romance are really all about.

Emily Hime talked about the last few months of her grandmother’s life. She said it was both sad and heartwarming. She also said she felt “blessed to witness something beautiful”: her grandparents’ love for each other.

People in Emily’s family used to make fun of her grandpa by saying that he would never make it without her grandmother because she did everything for him. But in the last few months of her life, the jokes were turned around.

“This has shown me that Romeo and Juliet is not the most beautiful love story…” But grandmother and grandfather got old together.

“It’s grandpa being there for grandma during the hardest time in her life.” During her six rounds of chemotherapy, he learned how to cook, do cleaning, and make meals for her.

“That’s her grandfather holding her hand. He went to all of her doctor appointments and wouldn’t leave the house unless someone else did because he didn’t want her to be alone for even a few minutes.”

Emily said that people who worked at the hospital always told her how much they loved seeing them together.

He was with his wife every day while she was in the hospital and then while she was in hospice care. She remembered that he kissed her face and held her hand every chance he got, making the most of the time they had left together.

When the grandfather thought that his wife might be in pain or discomfort, her loving granddaughter saw that his eyes would fill with tears.

He told her every day how beautiful she was, even though her grandmother had several strokes and became weak.

“Good night, honey.”
“They had the kind of love that lasts forever that we all want.” “Next month they’ll have been married for 60 years, but that still wouldn’t have been enough,” Emily wrote.

“His last words to her were, ‘Oh you’re so precious, goodnight my honey.'”

In England, Emily’s grandparents met at a bicycle club when they were in their 20s. That’s also when they did “the most important race together.”

“A life full of love together was the best race of all.” Oh, what a blessing it was to see this sweet love story and catch one of their last special moments together.

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