Suzanne Somers, an actress, has died after a long illness.

She was famous for her part in “Three’s Company” and many other films and TV shows.

Her manager, R. Couri Hay, told PageSix on Sunday that she had died at home early Sunday morning.

“Suzanne Somers died peacefully in her home early on October 15th.” She beat a very dangerous type of breast cancer for more than 23 years. Suzanne was surrounded by her husband Alan, her son Bruce, and her close family, who loved her very much, he wrote.

People who know Somers have had some kind of cancer since the early 2000s. TMZ said she was first diagnosed with melanoma in 2000 and then soon after got breast cancer. She battled breast cancer on and off for years, but it came back in the summer of this year.


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“As you know, I had breast cancer twenty years ago. It comes back every once in a while, but I keep beating it down.” I’ve used the best traditional and alternative medicines to treat it. This is not something new for me. You can count on me to fight. I know how to put on my war gear.

People will remember Somers most for her work on “Three’s Company,” the famous ABC show with John Ritter and Joyce DeWitt. For five years, she played the funny and naive Chrissy Snow.

Aside from those, she is famous for her parts in “Starsky and Hutch,” “Hollywood Wives,” “She’s the Sheriff,” “Step by Step,” and many other hit TV shows.

“American Graffiti,” “Ants!,” “Yesterday’s Hero,” “Nothing Personal,” “Serial Mom,” “The Nutty Professor,” “Say It Isn’t So,” and other films have her in them.

The last time she did anything was in 2001, around the time her health problems started to show.

She died just one day before she would have been 77 years old. Her son Bruce Jr. will miss her.


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