In a new record for the second place of losing money, Budweiser’s most recent push to “go woke” with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney has caused a massive nosedive in their stock, and as of this morning, it has cost them nearly 800 million dollars. This places them in second place among companies that have lost the most money. (The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk comes in first place, of course.)

a result of idiots shooting up the cans from their man caves with AR-15s that they haven’t used in a mass shooting yet, other idiots are pulling their five dollars out of their E*Trade accounts that their children bought them for Christmas, and the company is suffering nationwide pain as a result.

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Kid Rock, a conservative entertainer, if such a thing can be considered to exist outside of the sleepy dimbulbs of Fox News, dished all about his butthurt to our very own writer Sandra Batt in an exclusive interview that took place yesterday at the Queefington Alabama Whorehouse.

I don’t want any kind of fruity freakshow on my beer cans, so please don’t put any. I’m going to write a whole new song on how drag queens are a threat to society and America as soon as I can stop shitting in a projectile. Drag queens are a problem in our country.

After that, Batt created the following meme, which has since spread widely over the internet and whose content can now be freely copied and distributed without fear of repercussions:

reaction to seeing the snapshot was to let out a loud belch and wave his hand.

“I might be able to explain that. When I was on tour and playing everything with a hole back then, those were the good old days. She only became infected with the pregnancy-related illness twice.
Friends, have a seat and say some prayers for Bud Lite. Perhaps they will change their minds.

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