When celebrating her son’s resilience and joy, Rosie Higgs, the mother of Henry Higgs, shared a heartwarming perspective. Henry, now 11 months old, delights in bath time and reaching for his toys, despite being born with a rare condition.

Rosie, a resident of Harrow in North London and a mother of three, learned during a routine 20-week pregnancy scan that her unborn child might be affected by amniotic band syndrome. Despite questions from friends and family about whether to continue the pregnancy, given the significant physical challenges Henry would face, Rosie remained steadfast in her decision.

Rosie expressed, “I chose not to heed those doubts. The journey was fraught with anxiety and concern, but I was confident. Although Henry is missing some of his limbs, I have no doubt about his ability to lead a fulfilling life. My husband Peter and I were in agreement that Henry deserved every chance at life.”

Rosie, who works with children with special needs, felt well-prepared for the journey ahead. The pregnancy, however, was not without its challenges. Regular scans every four weeks were a constant reminder of the careful monitoring required. The global pandemic added further strain, particularly with Rosie’s mother, 55-year-old Paula, unable to be present due to restrictions.

Rosie recalled, “It was tough going through this without my mom, especially knowing Henry’s condition was high risk.” Nonetheless, the support from the midwives was exceptional, providing comfort and reassurance during her labor, which was filled with anxiety.

Henry was born healthy on May 13 at Northwick Park Hospital in London, weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces. “The first moments after Henry’s birth were anxious ones, as I wasn’t sure what to expect,” Rosie shared. Henry’s father, Peter, 39, who works with Emirates, was the first to see him.

Rosie’s first encounter with Henry was love at first sight. “He’s been making great strides and is a bundle of joy. His morning babbles are my wake-up call. We do have to be careful, especially with his use of the high chair. He’s a chatty boy with a playful grin and loves interacting with his older sibling. To me, Henry is absolutely perfect, despite not having all his arms and legs.”

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