A young mother from Minnesota has become a sensation on TikTok for her heartwarming videos showcasing her “hefty” seven-month-old twin daughters, each tipping the scales at 21 pounds. The 22-year-old Alexis LaRue, who is of a small build herself, gave birth to her identical twin daughters, Camila and Elena, in March. Initially born at 6 lbs. 7 oz., the twins have remarkably grown to triple that weight in just a few months.

Alexis, who is 5’3” and weighs 116.4 lbs., often shares amusing videos where she is seen trying to hold both her babies simultaneously, creating a humorous contrast due to her small frame.

Her journey on TikTok began when Alexis stumbled upon a video of another twin mother effortlessly managing her children single-handedly. Motivated by this, she tried replicating it but quickly realized the challenge due to her daughters’ significant weight.

Alexis, engaged to Leo Mejia, who is notably taller at 5’11”, hadn’t anticipated having such large babies. In the world of twins, it’s common to expect newborns to be around 5 lbs., so much so that Alexis had initially prepared with premature-sized clothing. However, the twins outgrew these quickly, now wearing outfits meant for toddlers aged 12 to 18 months and ranking in the 98th percentile for height.

The twins are healthy and robust, as confirmed by their pediatrician. Alexis feels assured her daughters are well-fed and happy, placing their well-being above all.

On TikTok, while most followers shower Alexis and her twins with love and support, there are a few who comment negatively on the twins’ size. Alexis, however, remains unfazed by such remarks, focusing solely on her daughters’ health and happiness.

The delightful videos of Alexis with her twins have attracted millions of views on TikTok, as she continues to document and share her life as a mother to two beautiful, thriving girls.

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