The Misaytif family, facing a continuous struggle for survival, confronts a dire situation in the refugee camps of Idlib. They, like many other civilians, sought refuge there to escape the devastating assaults by the Assad regime in Syria. Among their challenges is caring for their 14-month-old son, Muhammad, who was born without limbs, and the family is in desperate need of assistance and support.

Living in a relative’s tent within the Idlib refugee camps, the Misaytifs endure daily hardships. Their young son, Muhammad, faces a unique set of challenges as he was born without arms and legs.

Muhammad, unable to engage in play like other children due to his condition, spends his days accompanied by his cat. Halit Misaytif, Muhammad’s father, shared in a statement that his son requires constant attention and care due to his limblessness. “He needs to be held at all times. Here in the camp, we struggle to protect him from the harshness of summer heat and winter cold,” he expressed with concern.

Halit, who also suffers from a foot injury sustained during attacks by the Assad regime, finds himself in a difficult position. “Finding work is impossible, and getting my son’s milk has become a daily challenge. Medications and essential supplies are more expensive than ever. My only wish is for Mohammed to have a life like other children,” he shared.

Highlighting the critical need for support, Halit emphasized the struggle in meeting Muhammad’s daily needs. “It’s a constant battle to provide him with milk, medicine, and diapers. My dream is for him to receive prosthetics in the future and live like any other child. My hope is to give Mohammed a happy and normal life,” he expressed, underlining their dire circumstances and hopes for the future.

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