At age 84, Ali MacGraw, who played the lead role in “Love Story” and “The Getaway,” is still a beautiful woman. Even though MacGraw was scared at first about hitting 80, she has gracefully accepted the natural process of getting older.

In a recent reveal about her life, MacGraw said that she now lives in the mountains in a “tiny” cottage. The well-known Hollywood actress, best known for her memorable parts in classic movies from the 1970s, has also been a loving mother to one son and a grandmother. She has been through three breakups in her life.

On a Thursday night, the 84-year-old went to a Mexican restaurant with friends for dinner. The restaurant was thrilled to have her. A picture of MacGraw and her friends was shared on the restaurant’s Facebook page. The picture showed the actress, whose hair was completely silver, smiling and posing with her friends.

MacGraw looked both stylish and comfortable in her blue long-sleeved shirt, beige pants, and unique metal earrings that framed her beautiful, makeup-free face. MacGraw admitted that she hadn’t always had the carefree attitude that comes with getting older, even though she looked beautiful no matter how old she was.

She told me a few years ago that she was scared of turning 80 and realizing in the middle of the night that the trip ahead was shorter than the one behind. This self-reflection made her more aware of how short life is and how her past events have shaped her into the person she is now.

MacGraw said that facing mistakes and regrets from the past was very important. He said that it was like going through fire to get to the other side. She refused to be angry and pretended everything was fine for other people’s sake. Instead, she knew that she had to work hard and focus to make things better.

As she got older, MacGraw said that the hard work and attention she put into becoming clear made her senior years happier. MacGraw now lives in Tesuque, a cute town in New Mexico north of Santa Fe. He chose to move because he was worried about the environment, especially global warming.

She moved because her home in Malibu was destroyed by a forest fire, which made her want to get away to a place less likely to be hit by natural disasters. Applegate first looked for a smaller property near Malibu, but she ended up finding her home in Tesuque, where she lives in a small house surrounded by mountains.

I reside in Tesuque, a small town located north of Santa Fe in New Mexico. It was where I helped a friend plan her house. In the woods, I still live in a tiny cottage that I bought there… “I delight in my existence.”

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