Some people say that hard work and drive always pay off. The story of Walter Carr, a young man who wouldn’t let anything stop him from having a great first day at his new job, is more proof of that.

In this case, Walter was hired by the moving company Bellhops. But his car broke down the night before he was meant to start work. He was excited about this new part of his life. He chose to walk from his hometown of Homewood to Pelham, which is 20 miles away, because he didn’t want to miss his first day on the job.

An cop asked Walter where he was going after he had been walking for a few hours. The young man told the cop what was going on, and what he heard shocked him. His next move was to offer Walter a ride to the house where he was meant to be working that day.

Check out the movie below to learn more about this story.

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