Richard Gere’s father was great and taught him everything. He learned a lot from his dad, even though he didn’t have his own kids until much later in life. He used what he learned to raise his own kids. Because he loves his dad so much, he named his first child after him.

From a normal family, Richard Gere, who is famous for films like “Pretty Woman,” comes. Growing up on a farm in Syracuse, NY, with many brothers was his home.

In Brooklyn, his mom, Doris, met her husband, Homer Gere. Their five children followed them to North Syracuse after they got married in 1945.

His parents did a great job raising his siblings, Richard, Susan, Joanne, David, and Laura. They taught them principles that would last a lifetime.

Mom Doris ran the household while dad Homer worked in insurance. Although they did not have a lot of money, they worked very hard to ensure their children had a good education.

Richard imagines his parents as superheroes. It didn’t cost them much, but they gave him everything he needed to grow as an artist.

The actor who played Frank in “Unfaithful” said that his folks supported his interests. They hired teachers who helped their kids get better at things. These are his words:

“We didn’t have a lot of money as kids, and it was really hard to pay for school and music teachers.”

Richard appreciates how hard his parents worked, even though they didn’t have a lot of money. During his youth, his dad taught him how to be a good person, which he later showed at an event in 2019.

Henry Homer, Richard’s dad, never wanted anyone to suffer, not even strangers. The person said Homer cared a lot and would help anyone in need, no matter what.

Homer turned 100 years old in May, and Richard planned a small birthday dinner for him at a local pasta restaurant.

The “Pretty Woman” star said that Homer would help in other ways if he couldn’t give money, like by giving someone a smile or a hug. Despite his feelings, he always wanted to help in some way.

He also said that his dad started a Meals-On-Wheels programme in his city and worked hard at it for the rest of his life.

He said Homer liked a “cheeseball car” because the trunk was at the right height for him to carry food to his neighbours without having to bend down.

Mobile Meals American is a non-profit group with programmes all over the country that help thousands of communities. The first one of its kind opened in Philadelphia in the 1950s.

In the United States, a lot of people give their time to help older people live on their own and with respect. They bring seniors healthy food, check on them, and make sure they’re safe.

Richard asked his old father out of the blue why he volunteered for Meals on Wheels. As Homer put it:

“To start, Meals-On-Wheels came to a house that was mostly empty.” In old age, we wanted to help people. Knowing that your actions have helped someone feel better makes you feel great.

When asked why he supported the programmes, Richard said it was because his dad told him to. Homer was a great dad, and his son also wanted to be a great dad. But until he was in his 50s, the star didn’t have kids early.

The marriage between Richard and his model wife Cindy Crawford did not last long. On his second try at love, he fell in love with Carey Lowell, a former Bond actor who was twelve years younger than him.

Richard thought love could happen at any time. It wasn’t until they agreed to get married that the skilled TV actor started dating Lowell.

The “Unfaithful” star was really happy about their romance and said they were ready for the next step. It didn’t worry Lowell that he had a daughter from a lost marriage. From Richard to Dailymail:

“She changed everything in my life.” Getting married with all your heart holds extra value. It’s an important time for both of us.

Prior to their small wedding, Richard and Lowell already had a son named Homer Gere II. It took Richard 50 years to have his first child, and he named it after his own dad.

The actor was absolutely thrilled to have a child. He was excited about it, and when it finally came around, he knew he had to be a good dad.

He said this about his son: “He makes my life worth living.” He is smart, listens to music, and runs fast. Additionally, he’s very funny. He picked up comedy quickly, which is a great trait for anyone to have.

Though Richard loved being a dad, his marriage to Lowell quickly fell apart after more than ten years. The ex-Bond girl filed for divorce in 2012, saying that their different lifestyles were the main reason.

Different reports say that Richard wanted peace and privacy, while his second wife loved going to parties. According to a source, “they have a place in Bedford, New York, and he likes it because it’s quiet and he likes being alone.” The attention in North Haven is fun for her.

Both of them wanted equal custody of their son, but there was a fight over the divorce deal. They went to court for four years before they finally agreed.

Richard’s marriage didn’t last forever, but the lawyers for both sides didn’t talk about it. His family taught him not to, though.

His son is his main interest, he said in 2015. When his son doesn’t like an idea, he doesn’t support it. He values family more than anything else.

Richard had already fallen in love again before this talk. This time it was with Alejandra Silva, a Spanish activist.

And as time went on, Richard and Alejandra had more children. Their second child, a boy named Alexander, was born in 2019. The next year, they had another son and had a wonderful family.

Even though Richard has been through many changes, such as getting married, becoming a dad, and staying committed to his family, he is still true to his dad, Homer.

He thought of the patriarch as a “idol” over the years and often drove around and visited people while helping the patriarch’s Meals-On-Deals programmes. In 2010, the very famous actor said:

His name has always meant a lot to me.

Even though Homer is old, he still really wants to help people. Even though his wife Doris died at age 91 in North Syracuse, making him a widower, he hasn’t let being alone change how kind he is.

Richard really is a great kid. His dad is close to him, and he helps and supports him while also praising him. When Homer turned 100 in May 2022, Richard planned a small birthday dinner for him at a local pasta restaurant.

They spent the evening with other people who were excited to celebrate such an important event with the Meals-On-Wheels worker. Richard’s close relationship with his dad shows how much he values the work and efforts of older people.

If Richard’s dad, who is 100 years old, is any indication, he will also have a strong family bond with his own children. He does think family is the most important thing, after all.

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