They just marked their 16th wedding anniversary. Steve Harvey is married to Marjorie Harvey. After raising seven kids together, the couple posted a video on Instagram to celebrate their big day. In white clothes, they looked great. In addition, they talked about how Steve almost lost Marjorie at one point in their relationship and how his protection saved it.

Steve Harvey is an American actor, producer, comedian, and TV host. He and his wife, Marjorie Harvey, recently marked 16 years of marriage. Broderick, Brandi, Karli, Wynton, Morgan, Jason, and Lori are the seven kids they have raised together. They shared behind-the-scenes video of their anniversary photoshoot on Instagram to mark the event.

They decided to have their party at Lake Como in Italy. They are wearing stylish clothes by Elly Karamoh in different rooms of the fancy house where the photoshoot took place in the video.

To go with her chic white silk YSL dress, Marjorie wore a beautiful feathery gown with a train. Her handsome husband Steve wore white pants that flowed, a white dress shirt, and a Dolce & Gabbana jacket that looked like it was made of gold. The video shows them walking downstairs while modeling, looking at each other lovingly, and giving each other sweet kisses.

“ICU” by Coco Jones played in the background of the video, which fans and friends of celebrities loved. They said many nice things about the pair. Marjorie’s simple but loving comment said:

I’m spending my anniversary with the love of my life.

Steve shared the special video on his Instagram feed in a different post, and he continued to praise his beloved wife on his Instagram Story. The “Family Feud” host wrote this on her post:

“@marjorie_harvey we’re still going strong.”

Steve Harvey, a comic, had a stand-up show in Memphis in 1987. It was then that he saw Marjorie for the first time. She got to the show late and sat in the front. Steve spoke to her directly during his show and told her, “I don’t know who you are, but I’m going to marry you one day.”

They didn’t talk to each other for a while after that, but in 2005, fate and friends they both had brought them back together. They have not been apart since then. Steve asked Marjorie to marry him after meeting for a year. On June 25, 2007, they said “I do,” and they were married. That was the start of their relationship.

Steve is a wonderfully kind and loving husband who always makes sure to honor Marjorie like a queen. Their 15th wedding anniversary was recently celebrated in a special way. Steve chose to show his wife love by writing a letter that talked about their time together as a married couple.

Steve looked back at how much they’ve changed since they met many years ago in the letter. He told them about the good and bad times they’ve had together, especially when he was having a hard time with money. Marjorie stood by him and helped him take care of their family.

The Harveys are still in love and are grateful for the wonderful life they’ve made together.

Steve says that Marjorie was the first person in his crazy and busy life who made him feel calm. Steve feels very lucky and grateful to have Marjorie in his life as he talked about how long they’ve been together. “I owe you a debt of gratitude because you changed my life,” he said. Aside from God’s kindness, you are the main reason I am where I am today. It makes me think that you would stay with me even if I lost everything, and we would make it again.

Steve had two previous marriages before he met Marjorie. Steve lost his home for three years after splitting up with Marcia Harvey in order to follow his dream of becoming a comic. He had a hard time getting ahead in Hollywood without any help.

Steve got a lot of attention when he performed on Showtime at the Apollo Theatre in 1993. But he still had problems in his personal life after his second marriage to Mary Shackelford, and he knew it was a mistake. Steve said he got married again because he didn’t want to be alone, not because he blamed his ex-wife. Steve met Marjorie after his second divorce, and his protection was a big part of getting them back together.

According to Steve’s bodyguard, “the only time I ever saw you happy was when you were with that woman Marjorie.” Before you do something stupid like marry someone else, I’m calling her here.” Steve longed to be with Marjorie again because he wanted to give her everything in the world. If Marjorie had known this reason earlier, she would have told him he could move in. They were both glad to see each other again, though, and Steve sees it as a second chance. He said, “It felt like I was born again.” She saved me from many mistakes. Everything is possible when you’re content at home.

The Harveys are still in love and grateful for the wonderful life they have been given. After losing touch after they met, Steve and Marjorie are forever thankful that they decided to give their relationship another chance. This led to a marriage that lasts almost 20 years.

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