Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone are married and married for 18 years.

While getting harsh comments about his wife’s weight, Falcone still thinks of himself as a “lucky fella.”

In response to the mean things people said about McCarthy, Falcone and their two kids became her happy place and support system.

Melissa McCarthy, 53, is a Hollywood comedy legend. In every role she’s had as an actress, her unmatched sense of humor and comedic skills have won her fans over.

McCarthy is notorious for her charming and sassy personality, which allows her to live her life without any regrets. For example, McCarthy has never agreed with the idea that Hollywood stars have to live up to unrealistic beauty and lifestyle standards.

The actress from “Bridesmaids” talked about how she has accepted getting older in a previous conversation. “Being in my 40s is such a great relief,” the kind-hearted and thoughtful star said about getting older. I believe I now understand myself better than ever before. I’m not concerned with how people see me. People will always be against what you’re doing…

McCarthy said that part of her ability to ignore mean things people say about her is getting older and wiser. According to the actress, if you want to be successful, you shouldn’t focus on trying to be perfect. “In my opinion, you don’t need to be perfect to be great.”

The fierce and confident performer is used to being the target of mean comments when they feel pressured from others to be and look their best. McCarthy has been rudely told about her looks, especially her weight, for a long time.

Still, McCarthy doesn’t seem upset or angry about what was said; he just…

She says she feels bad for people who are fully consumed by hate because it must mean they are going through a terrible time in their lives.

McCarthy refuses to let the hate affect her. Instead, she focuses on who and wh

Her loving husband of 18 years, fellow comedian Ben Falcone, and their two girls make her happy. “I laugh my head off every day with my husband and my kids who are mooning me and singing me songs […]”

The loving couple that McCarthy is married to met at The Groundlings theater more than twenty years ago, and they are still together today. According to her, Falcone’s performance interested her. She thought he was quirky and odd, but she liked him.

McCarthy waxed poetic about Falcone in a previous interview, praising his immense kindness and her appreciation for being a wonderful and strong presence in their girls’ lives.

McCarthy talked about finding someone who brings out the best in you, which Falcone does for her, along with showing off Falcone’s great traits that make him a great husband. She gushed about her husband, saying, “He makes me laugh so hard I don’t even know what’s funny four or five times a day.” I’m a millionaire!”

Within the couple’s home, laughter, acceptance, happiness, fun, and the ability to not take things too seriously are strongly held. While Falcone and McCarthy are famous, they are also very normal people.

An example of how they marked their 13th wedding anniversary: “We had a very romantic evening at our house…and we just ate hamburgers…”The actress said, “I gave him a…it’s the phone for senior citizens.”

Falcone loves McCarthy so much that he gave her beautiful rings as payment for the old person’s phone she gave him.

Two years ago, on her birthday, he posted an old photo of his beloved wife and himself at a friend’s wedding on Instagram. “I’m such a lucky guy to be married to someone so smart, kind, beautiful, and funny!” “I love you Mooch, happy birthday today!”

Falcone’s lovely and funny wife is also a devoted mother to her gorgeous girls Vivian and Georgette. Vivian came into the world in May 2007, and her sister happened in 2010.

After teaching her children the right principles and making sure they understood them, McCarthy talked about how they could stand up for themselves and know what was right and wrong.

After McCarthy had her second child, the “Tammy” actress was honest about what it was like to be a mom. McCarthy acknowledged that she was tired and not a good pregnant woman, but she did not call herself one of those women who rave about what a miracle birth is and how happy it is to become a mother.

However, a big part of her tiredness came from not being able to sleep at all because of her busy work schedule, which she blamed on the many projects she had going at the time. Additionally, she talked about her efforts to lose weight after giving birth to Georgette, since she was heavier than she wanted to be.

To be healthy, she wanted to lose weight, not to meet Hollywood’s beauty standards. McCarthy is very aware of how Hollywood’s idea of beauty hurts women, so she pushes her girls to focus on the right things, like being themselves.

Mom taught Vivian and Georgette to be kind, sure of themselves, and responsible. These two parents, McCarthy and Falcone, always make sure that they can talk to their kids.

Their parents are very close to Vivian and Georgette now that they are teenagers, especially when it comes to social media.

In a recent interview, McCarthy talked about some wise words she always tells them: “We’re always kind of reminding them, ‘Keep this in perspective.'” There’s no truth to this. “This is just entertainment and smoke and mirrors,” I keep repeating.

McCarthy said she raises her girls in a pretty strict way. However, the parents find a good mix between having fun and focusing on what’s important.

Concerning whether Vivian and her little sister want to become actors like their parents, McCarthy says she can see it happening because they are creative, but she would never push them to do it. McCarthy doesn’t want to hurt her girls, so she wants them to follow their hearts and do what they want.

After teaching her children the right principles and making sure they understood them, McCarthy talked about how they could stand up for themselves and know what was right and wrong.

The actress said she couldn’t confront the fact that her daughters will one day leave the nest, but she is sure that her girls will be great and rock the world in whatever they do.

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