The popular actress Julia Roberts, who has been in movies like “Pretty Woman,” chose to stay at home with her kids when they were born. She’s famous in Hollywood, but she’s also a great mom.

Due to family issues, she stopped working for a while. Henry Daniel Moder, her husband, their twins Hazel and Phinneas, and their son Henry Moder make up her family. As a full-time mom, Julia really loves her new job.

In December 2022, Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder were at the White House for a party for the 2022 Kennedy Center Honorees.

Julie says that being a mom makes her very happy and satisfied. She manages the house. She cleans the kitchen, makes food for her family, and does many other things every day. She’s already starting to make lunch by the time she’s done with all of her tasks. She thinks she’s had a full and busy day when dinner time comes around. Julia brings up:

“Sitting around is no longer an option for me.” Before I had kids, I definitely had a lot of free time, but I don’t remember what I did with it, and I didn’t enjoy it.

As she smiled, she said, “My life at home gives me absolute joy.” She also gets to spend a lot of time with her family. She loves taking care of her family, but life at home can get boring at times. Julia told us:


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As a mom or wife, it just becomes part of your daily life. There are days when it’s really fun and days when it’s really hard.

But she hasn’t given up acting completely. Her willingness to play a part just needs more persuasion. Julia said that she still wants to do a project when it has an interesting story or a compelling character.

Julia Roberts, who played a character in “Eat, Pray, Love,” was so into her new life that she forgot to tell her kids about her job. For some time, they didn’t know she was a big name in Hollywood.

Julia didn’t tell her kids that she’s famous, even though she clearly is. After a while, they figured it out. At first, they thought she wasn’t working because she cooked and cleaned, but she was.

Julia talked a little about how she cooks and where she gets her ideas and love for cooking. Her mother liked to make everything herself with food from her yard, so she taught her a lot. There are still some tricks she can pull off, even though she doesn’t go as far.

The children have become more aware that their mother is a famous actress as they have grown older.

The star talked about how cooking for her family is a “privilege,” a “honor,” and a “luxury” that she didn’t know she had until now. Her family has added more happiness to her life, and even her co-stars respect her as a mom. The actress told a funny story about how Julianne Nicholson, one of her co-stars, made new sleeping bags for her daughter Hazel’s toys.


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Julia loves being a mom at home, even though she’s famous. Having dinner with her family is her favorite way to spend time with them. Breakfast and dinner with her kids are fun for Julia.

“Most days, I eat breakfast and dinner with my kids.” I believe it makes things more interesting when you start things together and finish them together.


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Her kids learned that their mom is a famous actor as they grew up. They now go with her when she makes movies in different places. She said that having her kids with her helps her stay real and grounded.

“It’s very humbling when you have kids and they ask, ‘Can I have a snack?’… you’re wearing a big dress, heels, and diamonds.” It makes you say “Yeah.””


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She told the audience that she and her husband Daniel had chosen to raise their children like any other family. Julia wants her kids to learn useful skills for life, like how to do their own cleaning, make their beds, and look after themselves.

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