A Hollywood actor named Mark Wahlberg does things in a unique way. Instead of trying to keep up with all the fun things going on in L.A., he spends time with his family.

His touching ode to his beloved daughter is making people all over the world cry. Find out what Marky Mark did by reading on!

On Instagram, Mark Wahlberg wished his loving daughter Grace a happy birthday. The actor is very happy to be a dad and wants everyone to know it. As his daughter turned 14, he shared a cute old picture of the two of them. Also, his wife Rhea Durham sent some beautiful pictures of their pet Grace. It is clear that the girl’s parents love her a lot.

Mark is at the couch in the shot, with little Grace sitting next to him. He has his arm around her.

“I can’t believe how time flies,” the star wrote under the picture.

The picture was most likely taken when Grace was a little girl. The proud dad then posted a new film of his beautiful daughter on his stories. It sounds like Rhea is filming a “drip check” for little Grace because of the talk in the background. She is wearing a sweatshirt from her dad’s clothes line, Municipal, that is too big on her.

Along with the videos, Rhea Durham shared some pictures of her daughter Grace, some from recently and some from when she was a baby.

“Happiest 14th(what?!) Birthday to our baby,” she wrote under the pictures. Beyond the sun, moon, and stars, we love you. As long as you shine like that, sweetheart.

In total, Mark and Rhea have four kids. Their youngest child is Grace, who is 14 years old. They also have two boys, Michael, who is 17, and Brendan, who is 15. And Ella, their 20-year-old oldest daughter.

The couple seems to be very happy about having a lot to do.

The idea that their youngest child, Grace, is now an adult is crazy. When the baby of the house turns into a teen, it’s always an emotional time for parents who remember when their kids were little.

In addition to Ella, their oldest daughter, Mark and Rhea still have three kids living with them. They won’t even realize how quickly time goes by because the rest of them will be leaving the nest soon.

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