In the UK, Alicia Dougherty is raising her son and the twins he adopted as if they were his own children. Six of her children were adopted, and the other four were born to her. The page Alicia runs on TikTok is called “Dougherty Dozen,” and it’s about her family. Her story is getting a lot of attention, especially a video that went viral in which she talks about how she treats her son and his adopted twin brothers like triplets, even though they are different races and heights.

After being asked about her “triplets,” Alicia answered.

“Our biological son, adopted twins, and adopted twins were all born in 2014 and are in the second grade. They have spent most of their lives together as triplets.”

Telling them they’re not triplets will make them want to break up with you.

Naturally, Alicia’s choice touched people online, who praised her kindness. On the other hand, all three boys are completely attached to each other.

“Triplets for life,” one person wrote, “no matter what color their skin is, you can see how much love they have for each other.”

There was also the comment, “Look how proud they are!” “What exquisite triplets!”

They’re free to be anything they want!” I wrote another one.

People online made fun of Alicia, the mom of 10, for having a big family, even though she adopted six kids with behavior problems and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). Alicia told The Sun newspaper about this. Even though there is bad news, Alicia said that they try to be happy and true to themselves. There are people who say they hate their smiles, but she thinks they are all really happy. Alicia is thankful for the support of those who have checked in on them during times of online harassment. She wants everyone to know that they are doing fine.

When Alicia told some people how much she spent on food for her big family every week, they were shocked. A total of 25 bananas, 12 pounds of chicken, and 191 bags of potato chips are bought by her. All together, it costs $1,094, which is around $56,000 a year.

Alicia uses TikTok to share news about her family. Her account, Dougherty Dozen, has 168.1 million likes and 4.4 million fans. People admire how lovingly she and her partner have made their home.

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