Most of the time, we forget how tiny babies can be when they are born.

Even though medicine has come a long way, there are still a lot of things that can go wrong.

The sad thing is that this family lost a loved one because of an unusual event… To learn more, keep reading.

At that time, Kelli Tyler was going to have her fifth child. For the seventh time, the young mother from Oklahoma was overjoyed. She kept her fans up to date on her pregnancy all the time.

Kelli, on the other hand, died quickly of a rare birthing problem not long after giving birth to her sixth child.

Last week, Tyler changed her Facebook picture because she was about to have another baby. Her body was found the next day.

Julie Roach, Tyler’s mother, said, “The amniotic fluid got into Kelli’s bloodstream, and she was losing more blood than she could take in.” “My granddaughter said, ‘I’m about to faint,’ I think that was the last thing she said.”

The Cleveland Clinic says that amniotic fluid embolisms are a “dangerous and life-threatening complication.” This could happen when someone gives birth or soon after.

Because the symptoms can be like those of other major problems during birth, it is “very difficult to diagnose” and could be fatal.

This is “for reasons that are mostly unknown,” according to the Cleveland Clinic website, why “some people have a severe allergic response to amniotic fluid mixing with their blood.” The heart could stop beating, breathing could get out of hand, or the lungs could stop working.

Roach remembered the last moments of her daughter’s life: “She would come around for about a minute and she would code again.”

A baby girl named Jalie was being born at that very moment. Right now, no one knows if Jalie’s hard birth will lead to any long-term health problems. The family won’t know “until she grows up some more.”

The little girl won’t meet her mom in real life. But she will know her mom. Roach stated, “We have pictures and recordings that we are going to play over and over.”

The family set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to help pay for the unexpected hospital bills and ongoing care needs of the baby and the family during this hard time. There have been three times as many donations since the campaign began a week ago as the goal.

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