In addition to her famous part on Friends, Jennifer Aniston has also been in movies like We’re the Millers and Horrible Bosses.

Although, her youth with her actress mother Nancy Dow was not easy. Jennifer was constantly scolded and hurt as a child, which left her with mental scars that will last a lifetime. Being a single parent was hard for her mother, and their relationship was tense.

What hurt Jennifer the most was that her mother told her every day that she was “ugly” and had a “big nose.” Jennifer’s confidence and self-esteem dropped because of all the negative comments she kept hearing. Even though Jennifer lived with her mother, she felt like she wasn’t pretty enough in her mother’s eyes.

Unfortunately, Jennifer’s parents’ marriage had a lot of problems and ended in divorce. After they split up, she decided to stay with her mother. She had a tense connection with her father, but he wasn’t a big part of her life. Actually, Jennifer’s mom told her to take abuse in silence.

Jennifer once fought back against her mother’s scolding, and her mother laughed in her face, teaching her that she should take it without fighting.

Jennifer had a lot of problems already, and she had to deal with dyslexia, a learning issue that makes it hard to read, write, and spell. This made school very hard for her.

Jennifer slowly realized that she wasn’t as flawed as her mother had led her to think, even though she was under a lot of pressure and criticism. She had a nose job and felt better about herself after getting her first part in Hollywood.

Her mother, on the other hand, kept getting in the way of her success. Jennifer’s mother openly criticized her during the height of her fame on “Friends,” which hurt her a lot.

To deal with this, Jennifer decided to stop talking to her mother. She even didn’t go to her own wedding to Brad Pitt to avoid her mom. Their last conversation was 15 years ago.

Jennifer had a profound realization after years of treatment to deal with her traumatic childhood. She learned that her mother’s strong scolding and reprimands were done out of love and a desire for her to do well. Her mother wasn’t trying to be mean; she just wanted Jennifer to be the best person she could be.

“My mother spoke to me in this way because she loved me and wanted the best for me,” Jennifer Aniston said about her childhood and how it made her strong and the person she is today. Not intentionally mean, she just didn’t know that the pain she was causing me would only end after years of treatment.

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