She has won a lot of big awards as an actor, including the Academy, Emmy, and Golden Globe Awards. You may recognize her from “Forrest Gump,” “Brothers and Sisters,” “Lincoln,” and “Steel Magnolias.”

In 1965, her first part was as the lead in the movie “Gidget.” She has been in a lot of TV shows, movies, and Broadway shows since then.

Also, Sally Field has been open about the hard times in her own life. “In Pieces,” her 2018 memoir, is about the hard things she went through, such as being sexually abused by her dad and having to deal with depression, self-doubt, and being alone.

The sixth of November 1946 saw the birth of Sally Field in Pasadena, California. Margaret Field, who was born Morlan, was her mother and Richard Dryden Field was her father.

After her parents split up, her mom married Jock Mahoney, an actor and stuntman. Princess O’Mahoney is Sally’s half-sister and Richard Field is her brother. Both of them are still alive.

After marrying Steven Craig in 1968, Sally Field had two boys, Peter and Eli. But they split up in 1975. They had a son named Samuel together after she married Alan Greisman in 1984. It’s too bad that they also split up in 1994.

Her romance with Burt Reynolds lasted from 1976 to 1980. In her book, she writes about this tough friendship.

She talks about how he was controlling and how he talked Field out of going to the Emmys, where she won for “Sybil.”

Reynolds died just before her book came out, and in his 2015 memoir “But Enough About Me,” he called their broken relationship “the biggest regret of my life.”

Sally Fields said that she and Burt Reynolds didn’t talk in the 30 years before he died. “He was not someone I could be around,” she said. That being with him was bad for her in every way, she said. Some of Burt’s ideas about their friendship were not true. In reality, she wasn’t as important to him as he thought. However, Sally didn’t wish to handle that.

The Oscars and Emmys that Sally Field has now are kept in a TV room where she plays computer games with her grandchildren. Field doesn’t seem ready to retire yet, as her movies “Spoiler Alert” comes out next week and “80 for Brady” in 2023.

Since Sally was an actor, she dared the town to put her in a box. Then she broke all the rules to find her own way. Steven Spielberg, her friend and the director of “Lincoln,” said, “Not to stardom, which she probably wouldn’t want, but to cool roles in great movies and TV shows.”

“She has stood strong through changing times and earned this special place in history by always making the right choices and being determined.”

Sally Field has won everyone’s hearts for more than 60 years. Her family and she have built a fulfilling life together. She has accepted that she is getting older naturally and loves being a grandmother.

We can all learn from her story, which reminds us to be thankful and graceful in every part of our lives.

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