Everyone knows Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner. A while ago, they chose to live apart. A lot of people have been talking about it, and the reports and chatter don’t seem to be stopping.

In September 2023, they got a divorce. the news says that both of them want to move on and find love again. Some say that Kevin Costner is dating the singer Jewel, and others say that Christine Baumgartner is seeing someone named Josh Connor. Christine said they weren’t dating when they were getting divorced, though.

Let’s start a new story. Based on information from someone who knows them well, Kevin Costner always thought that his ex-wife was seeing the investor Josh Connor.

There were reports that Christine Baumgartner and Josh Connor were dating, but earlier this month she finally said they were.

Someone close to Kevin Costner told Us Weekly that he was sure “something was going on between Christine and Josh.” Someone who knew them well said that their “close bond was a real elephant in the room.”

The Daily Mail just put out pictures of fashion designer Christine and Josh, who looked like she dropped him off at his house. This took place after they were seen together in Hawaii last July while on vacation.

After being seen together, Baumgartner had to answer a question about her connection with Josh in court while she was going through her divorce.

People asked Christine Baumgartner if Josh Connor was her boyfriend, but she said “No.” She also said they slept in different rooms when they were on vacation. Christine and Josh are said to have taken another trip to Hawaii in December, though.

Multiple sources say that Christine and Josh have been dating for a while now. A source close to them said, “They’ve been together for a while now.” They went to Hawaii together before Christmas while Kevin was probably with the kids in Aspen.

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