In April 2023, Hallie Kyed, who was only two years old at the time, was told she had acute myeloid leukemia. Her sad father, Doug Kyed, who writes about football for the Boston Herald and shared the news on Instagram, said that Hallie had died on January 21.

According to Kyed, Hallie’s health got worse when she relapsed after a bone marrow donation and her chemotherapy didn’t work.

While Jen and I held her hand in bed on Sunday morning, Hallie died quietly. “We didn’t know what to do without Hallie and are heartbroken.” These events will change our lives forever.

Hallie was only two years old, but her father said she was a “special kid” who made everyone she met better. Doug told her that she was thankful that they were her parents and that her sister Olivia was lucky to have such a great baby sister.

After Hallie’s return, Doug said, the family knew the outlook wasn’t good, and they spent extra time together in the hospital last week. Even though people were hoping for recovery, the aggressive form of leukemia had gotten out of hand.

Doug was grateful for the work of the doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital and said that Hallie had been brave and strong during her nine-month fight with acute myeloid leukemia and its complications. He remembered the sweet things Hallie did for him and the times she yelled for him and made him walk around the hospital floor.

Doug knows that the world is a sadder place without Hallie, but he hopes that those who are sad about her death can learn from how determined she was to get what she wanted, whether it was a walk, a car ride, or a certain Disney dress.

We are thinking and praying for the Kyed family as they go through this very hard time. Hallie will be buried on January 26.

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