To honor his mom’s 102nd birthday on May 4, Chuck Norris spent time with her. A sweet message from him said she’s full of life and could live another 100 years!

To celebrate his mom Wilma’s 102nd birthday, Chuck, who turned 83 in March, wrote her a letter. He told his mother, “I can’t believe you’re 102 years old and I’m 83!” What I really appreciate is that you are my mom. No changes were made to the original sentence as it does not require editing.

Because her birthday was almost Mother’s Day, Chuck thanked God for three important women in his life. Great-grandmother Scarberry (Wilma’s mom), his mom Wilma, and his wife Gina, whom he married in 1998. Dakota and Danilee are Chuck and Gina’s twin children. They were born in 2001.

Chuck, whose real name is Carlos Ray, says that Wilma Norris Knight made him the person he is today. She was born in 1921. Wilma went through hard times as a child during the Great Depression. She was a single mom and raised her three boys, with Chuck being the oldest.

“My mom has shown me how to keep going, no matter what,” Chuck said about Wilma when she turned 100. My younger brother Wieland died in the Vietnam War, along with two husbands, a stepson, two grandkids, and her own mother. She has been through 30 surgeries for different reasons and fought cancer many times, but she is still here sharing her story.

The following May, Wilma, who still calls Chuck “Carlos,” talked about her life on The Mike Huckabee Show. Chuck, her eldest son, was her “defender,” Aaron, her “sunshine,” and Wieland, her youngest son who died in Vietnam, was her “hero.”

Wilma said that Chuck took over as man of the house when he was only 14 years old, after her husband left because of the drinking. He helped pay the bills and took care of his younger brothers while she worked the night shift.

Wilma went through hard times, but she taught her boys important lessons and told them to be strong. “She made us believe that we could do great things in life. There will be problems, but if you’re determined and believe in yourself, you can get through anything,” Chuck said.

He was born in 1940 and grew up in an Oklahoma town. He was influenced by action stars like John Wayne, Roy Rogers, and Hopalong Cassidy, which is why he became one of the biggest names in Hollywood.


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Chuck Norris joined the US Air Force after high school in 1958 and worked at Osan Air Base in South Korea. He began his job as an air police officer and planned to become a security police officer.

It turned out that joining the Air Force was a good thing for him. During this time, people started calling him “Chuck.” Besides martial arts, he learned Tang Soo Do, a type of Korean karate, and got a black belt in it.

After Chuck’s time in South Korea was up, he was sent to an air force base in Riverside County, California. He worked there as an air police officer until he left the Air Force in 1962 as an airman first class.

While he was waiting to become a police officer, Chuck started a martial arts school in his home city of Torrance, California. His martial arts skills helped him get a lot of work, and his workshops kept getting bigger. He trained hard and won his first title in 1968. From 1968 to 1974, he was the Karate World Champion, a title he held for six years.


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During this time, Chuck Norris taught famous people martial arts. That’s how he met Bruce Lee, an American star and martial artist. Chuck’s big break came in the 1972 movie “The Way of the Dragon,” in which he played Bruce Lee’s opponent.

After that, Chuck was a huge star all over the world. Lots of people were amazed by how quick and strong he was, especially after getting lead parts in movies like “Breaker! Breaker!” (1977) and “Good Guys Wear Black” (1978).

Later, Chuck’s mom Wilma told him, “He’s the greatest there is… really,” when he went to see the set of the famous TV show “Walker, Texas Ranger,” which ran from 1993 to 2001. Growing up, he was always my sweetheart.

In 1990, Chuck Norris, who was married to Dianne Kay Holechek and separated in 1989, found out that he had a daughter from a previous relationship. He was a grandfather to 13 children and a father to five. Born in 1963, the daughter is named Dina. Chuck didn’t know about her until she wrote him a letter. She told him, “Mother said you were married, and we shouldn’t bother your family,” which made Chuck unsure about meeting her at first. “I look at her, and it’s so amazing because I’m looking at her, and she’s staring at me, and we just sort of gravitate toward each other and went into each other’s arms and started crying,” Chuck said.

The fact that Chuck loved and respected his mother a lot helped him be a good actor and family man.

When asked what she thought about having kids, Wilma said, “Give them lots of love.” Spend time with them on Sundays and at church. However, God did not give us our kids. We borrowed them from him for a short time.

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