Michael J. Fox, a famous actor best known for his role in “Back to the Future,” is currently deeply sad about the death of his beloved friend Gus, a twelve-year-old Great Dane-Labrador mix.

There have been both good times and bad times for Fox over the last twelve years, and Gus has always been there for him. The star has to find his way around the world without Gus, his loyal dog.

Fox sent a touching message to his one million Instagram followers by posting a sad picture of Gus with the words “We will miss you, Gus, great dog and loyal friend.” The actor also called Gus his “wonder dog” on pages 220 and 222 of his 2020 book, “No Time Like The Future: an Optimist Considers Mortality.” Gus was a constant source of happiness and love for him.

Fox was deeply affected by Gus, especially during his long and public battle with Parkinson’s disease that lasted more than twenty years. In his book, the actor wrote about how much he will be missed as a family member who could never be replaced. This shows how important Gus was.

Fox wrote this while thinking about how closely they were connected: “I did not save Gus. Even though it could be said that he saved me, he would be too humble to say that. Fox correctly understood that Gus’s constant company brought him comfort during times when he had to be alone because of his health problems.

Fox says that Gus’s presence created a comforting sense of connection and worked as a multiplicative force, even though Gus had a chronic sickness. He thinks that having a dog around can help people who are sick and feeling alone by giving them much-needed company.

In addition, Gus was very helpful in Fox’s physical recovery. As Fox recovered from surgery on his spinal cord in 2018, he needed a wheelchair to get around. Gus was very helpful in making this possible. Fox remembered with love, “He sat in front of the wheelchair right in front of me and made a low-pitched woof woof sound around the wheelchair.” What did I say when he turned to face me? “Everything will be fine.”

Losing a beloved friend or family member is always hard, and Michael J. Fox is no different. While we send our deepest sympathy to him, let us take a moment to remember the amazing bond that existed between Fox and Gus. However, Fox will always feel the love and memories of her loyal friend in her heart, even though she misses them very much.

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