Forever memories are made at high school dances, proms, and graduations.

Unfortunately for Josephine in Camarillo, California, she did not get to go to her prom in 1961.

Michael Ganczewski, her grandson, wanted to make things extra special these days. At his senior prom, he chose to make up for his grandmother’s missed prom experience.

GaĂczewski learned that his grandmother couldn’t go to her prom because she didn’t have enough money. When his own prom was coming up in two weeks and he didn’t have a date, he thought of ways to make it special for his grandparents.

Early on, Josephine turned down his request to go to prom with him. She just wanted to feel loved over Mother’s Day weekend, she told him.

They didn’t give up, though. He got his grandmother to agree, and Josephine wore a pretty dress with a flower to the prom. She was slightly concerned about her dancing, but she quickly realized that being with her grandson was the best part of the night.

GaĂzewski told CBS Los Angeles how much he loves his grandmother and how she is the most important woman in his life. They talked about how his mom and he would not exist without her. In turn, Josephine talked about how she first felt when her grandson asked her to marry him, saying that she thought she was too old for the prom. But Ganczewski swore she was the only one he could choose.

Even though Josephine didn’t know much about the latest dance styles, she was determined to do her best. It meant a lot to her that her grandson wanted to make her feel special. “I will never forget that he wanted to bring his Nana and show me a good time for the rest of my life,” she said. Personally, I think that’s very special.

Even though the act of kindness was heartwarming enough, Josephine’s prom night finished with a surprise: she was named prom queen, making a dream come true that she had had since 1961.

This wonderful, happy, and loving night showed how important the bond is between a grandson and his grandma.

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