People all over the world know Goldie Hawn from her incredibly successful job in American media that spannes decades. In addition to her work in films, Hawn has been in a steady relationship with actor Kurt Russell for 40 years. They celebrated their 40th wedding on Valentine’s Day this year.

With all the temptations and difficulties that come with being famous, the couple has handled their journey with great grace, never wavering in their commitment to each other. The unique thing about Kurt and Goldie’s relationship is that it is real and long-lasting, without any of the typical celebrity tricks used to improve their public image.

Their relationship takes you back to a time when love was easy and honest, and it’s a beautiful example of what real love is. In addition to loving each other very much, they stand by each other when the media is looking at them closely. Russell recently supported Hawn against online trolls who said mean things about her looks. This showed how much they always support each other.

Even though people have said nice things about their looks, especially Hawn’s, at 77, the couple is still deeply in love, which shows how strong their relationship is. They won’t listen to what other people have to say, and Hawn is gracefully and confidently accepting that she is getting older.

How do you think Goldie Hawn looks now that she is 77? Do you agree with the trolls who say she’s “gone too far,” or do you think she’s just getting older? Say what you think in the comments!

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