In the past, Loni Willison was a beauty queen who posed for many magazines. She is now without a home and can often be seen in California digging through trash.

The model who used to be married says her life fell apart after she split up with Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson.

It happened in May 2023. Loni was talked to by X17 Now. She said that her ex-boyfriend was to blame for her breaking up with him because he tried to choke her once.

“My ex-husband.” Getting married. “At least I got divorced,” she said when asked why she was sleeping outside. “He made this whole thing happen to me.”

Two years after they got married, Loni and Jeremy broke up. After that, Loni lost her mind, felt anxious, and was sad. She lost both her job and her home because of her breakdown and her drug and alcohol abuse. Now she has nowhere to live.

She said she wanted to be on her own more than once when people offered to help her, according to reports. She was said to have said, “I don’t need help.” I have everything I need.

It hurt a lot for Loni to say that she couldn’t live inside because someone had “electrocuted” her every day for almost a year. She said she couldn’t be near power tools or energy.

“I think I can sense other things besides electricity, like batteries, fuses, wire, and different types of metals.” “That seems to be blocked by my body,” she said.

“I’m not sure for sure; I need to see that with a big X-ray, sonogram, or other machine.” It’s very strong.”

The ex-wife of the Baywatch star looked like she was missing some front teeth.
The person she used to date, who is busy on social media, has had a rough time since Baywatch. He agreed to a plea deal in 2017 and was sentenced to 270 days in jail and five years of probation for allegedly stabbing a woman in Los Angeles in 2015. He’s also fought drugs.

Loni’s days are tough, and she struggles to make ends meet while trying to feed herself with the few things she always has in her shopping cart.

The model, who used to be blonde and beautiful, doesn’t look like herself at all in her messy, dirty clothes.

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