Dolly Parton is talking about iconic country singer Toby Keith. He died of cancer in his stomach. Dolly wrote on social media about how she felt and said it’s hard to lose people in the country music family. Her words about Toby Keith were wonderful. She said we would miss him, but his songs and memory would live on.

A lot of people in the country music world looked up to each other. Toby Keith very highly recommended Dolly Parton in a past conversation. Like other great musicians from her time, he said Dolly taught them to be true to themselves. Toby liked the most when Dolly said that she didn’t care when people made fun of her by calling her a dumb blonde because she knew she was smart and not blonde. It was impressive that Dolly always stayed true to herself, and she was still a huge star in the music world in 2019.

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