King Charles, who is 75 years old, has been diagnosed with cancer, Buckingham Palace said in a sad statement today. What they found out was revealed during normal medical care for benign prostate enlargement. However, later tests showed that there was cancer, though specifics about the type or stage of the disease have not been made public.

In a formal statement made after more tests, the Palace confirmed, “A type of cancer has been identified.” The monarch is set to start her treatment plan today with planned sessions. Even though the outlook is not good, King Charles plans to cut back on his public visits while still fulfilling his duties as head of state.

King Charles stays strong in the face of hardship. He thanks his medical team and is still hopeful that he will be able to resume his full tasks soon. His decision to talk about his illness in public is meant to put an end to any rumors and help people who are going through similar problems.

According to what the Palace said, news about King Charles’ health will be shared as his care goes on. People all over the country and the world have sent their support and best wishes to the queen during this tough time after hearing the news.

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