There have been rumors that media mogul Oprah Winfrey and movie and TV director Tyler Perry have had a fight. Both of them have strongly denied these claims. There has been a lot of talk about this in the news lately.

The story that was in The Daily Mail was where the rumor came from. The post said that Winfrey was getting more and more angry at Perry for supposedly not wanting to hear feedback about her performance. Even though Perry’s shows brought in a lot of viewers for Winfrey’s network, the story said that Winfrey was thinking about ending their business relationship.

According to a source who did not want to be named, the relationship between Winfrey and Perry had gotten worse over the past six months because Perry was not ready to accept feedback and criticism. The source says that things got worse when Winfrey suggested that Perry hire new writers for his shows, especially “The Have and Have Nots.” Winfrey had suggested that Perry do research with focus groups.

Perry, on the other hand, quickly denied the accusations, calling them “totally false” and saying that the piece only had their names among other true facts. Perry then went to Twitter and posted a picture from the week before of himself, Winfrey, and the rest of the show’s cast and team. The picture’s description made it sound like the people in it were having a good time.

Another close friend of Winfrey’s, Gayle King, has also put an end to the rumors with a tweet. “Just reading that @Oprah and @TylerPerry are mad at each other and won’t talk to each other,” she said. If that’s true (which it “ain’t”), it must have happened not long ago (ten minutes ago).

Both Winfrey and Perry have officially denied the rumors, and there is evidence that the two have been getting along lately. This makes the rumors seem less likely to be true, and it suggests that any supposed dislike between them may not be real.

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