Not long ago, Jada Pinkett Smith went through something scary that no one should have to go through. The news said that while Jada was at home in Los Angeles, two guys in hoodies tried to break in by climbing onto her balcony.

They were caught by Jada, who scared them so much that they ran away. Even though the cops showed up, the men got away, so the case is still being looked into.

Other people who were home at the time of this are not known. The news says that Jada and Will Smith no longer live together, even though they are still formally married.

It’s been a while since Jada has talked about the scary event. We might hear more about the story later since it’s still being built up.

Even though it’s good that she wasn’t hurt, everyone needs to be more alert and take extra steps to keep themselves and their loved ones safe in such scary scenarios.

We hope that this event makes Jada and others think about and improve their home protection so that there are no more attempts to break in.

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