Like all other kid stars, the stars we love from the past age and change. Their lives do, however, sometimes take turns they didn’t expect. People all over the country used to love Ricky Schroder, but recently he’s been seen in public, which has made people nervous.

Let’s get into specifics…

With the movie “The Champ,” which came out in the late 1970s and won him a Golden Globe, Ricky Schroder began his career as a famous child star in Hollywood. He later became famous for his part in the TV show “Silver Spoons,” which ran from 1982 to 1987.

After the end of “Silver Spoons,” Schroder moved on to more mature parts, including noteworthy roles in “NYPD Blue,” “Scrubs,” and “Strong Medicine.” He did more than just act. He also directed and produced. His 2004 movie “Black Cloud” got good reviews, and at the San Diego International Film Festival, he won the award for Best Director.

His career was going well, but his personal life was a mess. Schroder was arrested for hitting his then-girlfriend Andrea Bernard in 1992. He later married Bernard. Their four kids were born together, but they got a divorce in 2016.

Sources say Schroder’s life went downhill after the split. He started partying too much, which hurt his relationships and caused him to grow apart from his daughter Cambrie. In 2019, he was arrested again for hitting his lover, but the charges were later dropped.

Schroder has spent most of his time on his farm since then, staying out of the public eye. Through social media, he stays in touch with his friends by posting updates about his life.

In a new Instagram video, Schroder dressed like a farmer and talked about his childhood and his worries about corruption in the federal government. Some fans were shocked by how he looked, but others supported him, saying that his rough appearance came from the hard work he did as a farmer.

Schroder continues to live his life honestly, even though people have different reactions to it. Those who accept his honest efforts respect him for it.

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